June 11, 2017

On June 11, 1936 The International Surrealist Exhibition opened in London. The exhibit, which ran until July 4 of the same year, was attended by approximately 2,000 people /day. 390 paintings, sculptures, and drawings were displayed by 58 artists from 14 countries.

A series of lectures were also offered during the course of the show, the most famous being the one in which Salvador Dalí nearly suffocated in a deep sea diving suit.

This image appears on the cover of the September 1936 issue of the Surrealist Bulletin, showing the opening performance by Sheila Legge in Trafalgar Square wearing  a white wedding dress and her head completely obscured by a flower arrangement.

Source: http://www.flashpointmag.com/British_Surrealism_1.htm retrieved June 11, 2017

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