New Year’s Eve

What are some interesting New Year’s traditions? In Scotland, men don kilts and parade through town swinging flaming balls. In Chile, people light candles next to the graves of their loved ones. While in Spain, people stick 12 grapes in their mouths, one for each month of the upcoming year. In Romania, farmers try to listen to their animals talk.

In St. Mark’s square in Venice, there is mass kissing. In South Africa, people throw old furniture out the window to symbolize the fresh start in the new year. In Siberia, they cut a hole in the ice of Lake Baikal and a professional diver takes a Christmas tree to the bottom of the lake. Germany has become enamored with the British comedy, and Dinner for One, in which the loyal servant tries to cheer up his 90-year-old mistress, is broadcast across the country every December 31. In Brasstown, North Carolina, in imitation of the Crystal Ball Drop in New York, they drop a live possum in a glass box above a waiting crowd. Many places use an icy plunge in the water as a charity fundraiser. I’ve heard this is done either on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day.12-31-17


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