Typing Day

Typing Day was conceptualized in Malaysia and falls yearly on the 8th of January. It was first celebrated in 2011 when the Malaysian Speed Typing Contest broke two records in the Malaysian Book of Records (MBR) i.e. the Fastest Typist and the Largest Participation for a Typing Event. I find no precedent for it other than the fact that Malaysia seems to have an obsession for world records of any kind.

The earliest world typewriter championships,
in the late 1800s, were mainly to test the machines, not the typists. The first true World Typewriting Championship was held in Chicago in 1906. Its winner was Rose Fritz at 82 words per minute. Later Albert Tangora set a world record speed for continuous typing. He typed 147 words a minute for one hour on October 22, 1923. After a rest period, he typed 159 words in a one-minute “sprint”. His record over the one-hour period has never been exceeded on a manual typewriter.

Populaire is a delightful French film set in the speedtyping hey day.


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This Typing Day logo was created by the Malaysian Speed Typing Contest Team and is made available under a Creative Common Attributer-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

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One comment

  1. My second wife typed so fast that an IBM Correcting Selectric typewriter could not keep up with her. Typing had become so ingrained in her life that her fingers would often be air-typing whatever she said or heard, even though she was unaware of what she was doing.

    For several years she worked as a data entry clerk for Sundstrand in Washington State. This was back in the days that her entries were stored on punch cards. Seems sooo long ago now …

    As an aside, much more data can be stored on one of those tiny little chips that we plug into our phones than they had in a giant room full of those punch cards, from floor to ceiling.


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