Courageous Follower Day

What would fearless leaders be without courageous followers? For no apparent reason, several sources cite March 4 as Courageous Follower Day.

Followers are particularly important for us simpletons trying to use the Internet and social media to promote ourselves or our ideas–friends on Facebook, followers on Twitter, Links on Linked-In. I’m thinking of so called superusers (Lady Gaga has 2, 239, 337 followers on Twitter) whose accounts the U.S. government uses (with their permission) to alert millions of people at once of possible emergency situations.

But how many people can we have meaningful relationships with? Robert Dunbar, British evolutionary psychologist, says its 150 due to the size of the human neocortex (for the moment that is.)

The Courageous Follower: Standing Up To and For our Leaders is also a book by Ira Chaleff. “It offers a new model for the follower role that provides dynamic support for leaders but does not hesitate to constructively speak truth to power. “



This image is courtesy of Alexas_Fotos and was downloaded from Pixabay on March 4, 2018




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  1. Funny you should bring this up — a friend of mine did a brilliant TED TALK on this very subject, and in less than 4 minutes as well.

    His Point: The first follower is more important than the leader.


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