Mountain Day

December11 is Mountain Day and refers to three unrelated events: (1) Mountain Day, a student celebration in some colleges in which classes are cancelled and studentsheads to the mountains or a park, (2) International Mountain Day, established by the UN in 2003 and (3)Mountain Day, a national holiday in Japan as of 2016.

Mountain Day dates back to at least 1838 when the students of Holyoke College headed off to Mount Holyoke. Smith College declared its Mountain Day in 1877. Juniata College established its Mountain Day in 1896, and Williams College students have been climbing Mount Greylock, the highest mountain in Massachusetts, to celebrate Mountain Day since the 1800s.

December 11, “International Mountain Day,” was designated by the United Nations General Assembly in 2003 and “encouraged the international community to organize events at all levels on that day to highlight the importance of sustainable mountain development.”

The ever forethoughtful Japanese, declared in May 2014 that Mountain Day would be celebratedas a public holiday every August 11, beginning in 2016.

The 2018 Mountain Day Theme is #Mountains Matter.




#MountainsMatterfor Food

#MountainsMatterfor Youth

#MountainsMatterfor Indigenous Peoples


This official Mountain Day poster was downloaded from the Food andAgriculture site of the United Nations website.

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