Wikipedia Day

January 15 is Wikipedia Day celebrating the day it went live in 2001.

The precursor to Wikipedia was Nupedia, a web-based, free-content encyclopedia with a 7-step approval process to control content accuracy as opposed to Wikipedia’s live wiki-based updating. It began in 1995 and published only 21 articles in its first year, compared to Wikipedia’s 200 articles its first month and 18,00 in its first year.

What we now know as Wikipedia began as a “farm” for Nupedia to generate articles which, when vetted, would be published in Numedia. But the child outgrew the parent. It’s immediate and open structure created an environment that allowed it to become what it is today.


This image is the original logo of Nupedia created by Bjørn Smestad in response to a logo design contest. It is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 uported license.

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