Cousin’s Day

Several unreliable sources list July 24 as Cousin’s Day. However there are things you should know about your cousins.

1. Marriage Between 1st Cousins Is Mostly Prohibited.

2. Sex Between Cousins May Be Illegal Incest.

3. If a Distant Cousin Dies Without a Will, You May Be in Line to Inherit.

Sometimes when a person dies without a will (called dying intestate), probate courts will seek out distant cousins to find a surviving heir for the estate. That happened to one California substitute teacher in 2012 when researchers discovered she was the lone heir to $7.4 million.

Depending on your state’s inheritance laws, a third, fourth, or fifth cousin may inherit an estate of a relative they’ve never met (called a “laughing heir”). North Carolina, for example, may allow unlimited research into distant cousins to prevent the estate from escheating to the state.

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Keep Calm and Love Your Cousin

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