Rounds Resounding Day

Rounds Resounding Day is an annual do-it-yourself holiday to celebrate contrapuntal music. Most of what I’ve learned about Rounds Resounding I have learned from the website of Gloria Delamar, who founded the day on August 1, 1

Catch clubs were popular in 18th through 20th century England. They were traditionally for men to sing rounds accompanied by ample drinking of spirits and were somewhat bawdy, although there was noticeable delicacy on Ladies’ Night.

Ms. Delamar tracked down one remaining member in 1986 who said that the clubs were now virtually defunct, but that she would be an honorary member due to her work on the subject. She founded Rounds Re-Sounding Day on August 1, 1987 to celebrate the singing of rounds in folk contrapuntal tradition.

Far from a bawdy affair, listen and watch this fugue (another name for round) by Bach.

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