White Day

Since I’ve given up Pi Day for Tau Day, that leave room for another holiday on March 14. White Day is a day that is marked in Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korean, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, and Cambodia on March 14, one month after Valentine’s Day.

The reasoning is that men receive dark chocolate candies from women on Valentine’s Day. They should make up for it by giving white chocolate to women on White Day.

In fact the 14th of every month is a romantic holiday in South Korea.

January 14 Candle Day/Diary Day
February 14 Valentine’s Day
March 14 White Day
April 14 Black Day
May 14 Yellow Day/Rose Day
June 14 Kiss Day
July 14 Silver Day
August 14 Green Day
September 14 Photo Day/Music Day
October 14 Wine Day
November 14 Movie Day
December 14 Hug Day


This image of a White Day cake was created by Masashi Yanagiya and is available under a CC BY-SA 2.0 license.

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