Public Service Day

June 23 is the United Nations Public Service Day to “celebrate the value and virtue of public service to the community.” It commemorates the date in 1978 when the International Labour Organization adopted a framework for determining working conditions of civil servants.

The 2020 UN Public Service Award Winners

The Republic of Korea Seongdong District’s (Seoul) “HYO Policy” programme makes health care services more accessible, including through home visits, to older persons suffering from poverty, health issues and social isolation.

The Automatic Social Energy Tariff (ASET) in Portugal automates the application process for an energy reduction tariff to low-income customers. The initiative greatly increased the uptake of the entitlement among low-income households.

In Brazil, the Jaboatão Prepara Programme encourages middle school students’ attendance in secondary level technical schools by offering professional guidance and a free preparatory course for low-income students, greatly increasing the acceptance rates of students.

In the Mexican state of Nuevo León, a council was established to formulate long-term public policy resulting in a 15-year strategic plan that fosters sustainable development and general well-being of the citizens by integrating the experiences and knowledge of civil society, academia, businesses and government.

In Bangladesh, the e-Mutation initiative established a digital application mechanism to make land transfer applications easier and more accessible, efficient and transparent. The purpose is to better serve the most vulnerable populations and those facing discrimination, including the illiterate, women, older persons and the poor.

In Botswana, a platform called e-Thuto was developed to integrate ICT into teaching and learning in schools through a web-based interactive platform consisting of e-learning and data management modules

.In Spain, the Ministry of Justice developed the ‘Justicia Digital: La visión 360º de la Seguridad’ quality plan to improve the administrative management of judicial offices and processes through enhanced ICT solutions.

Taken from the UN Public Service Day website.

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