Tynwald Day in the Isle of Man

July 5 is Tynwald Day in the Isle of Man. Tynwald Court claims to be the the oldest continuous parliamentary body in the world, and Tynwald Day is re-enacted each year as an open-air observance with royal processions, horses, reading of petitions, and all the pomp of a medieval court.

Currently the Isle of Man is a tax haven for the super rich. Since it is not its own country or part of Britain or the EU, it largely makes its own laws. According to SüddeutscheZeitung eGaming constitutes 19% of its economy. Paradise Papers, a global investigation into off shore activities, has also published particularly alarming details about the tax structure on the island.

Not surprisingly, the Manx are trying to change their image. The island has also been home to the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy motorcycle race since 1907 as well as the Manx Grand Prix, a separate race for amateurs. It also promotes itself as a movie-making locale and been the venue for hundreds of films.

Flag of Isle of Man
Isle of Man Flag

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