World Snake Day

For no descernible reason, July 16 is celebrated as World Snake Day. Here are some amazing facts about snakes from

  • There are over 3000 kinds of snakes in the world. They are present in every continent except Antarctica
  • Snakes can open their mouths up to 150 degrees, allowing them to eat things that are 75-100% bigger than their own size. It has even been known for a snake to burst after eating prey that is too big for its stomach!
  • Some snakes can breathe partially through their skin allowing them to dive deep underwater
  • There are around 700 species of venomous snakes. The venom is used for self-defense and for killing prey
  • Rattlesnakes have a loud rattle on the end of their tail which they use if they feel threatened. Other snakes hiss when they are threatened
  • Despite snakes often being feared, more people are killed by bees than snakes every year
  • 70% of snake species lay eggs while the other 30% give birth to live young
  • The Black Mamba is the fastest snake in the world and can move up to 12mph (20kmph)!
  • The smallest snakes in the world are Brahminy blind snakes which can be as short as 2 ½ inches long. They are often mistaken for earthworms
  • There is an island in Brazil that has up to 5 snakes per square metre! People are not allowed to go to the island as it is the home of the Golden Lancehead snake which is critically endangered.

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