The Birth and Disappearance of Virginia Dare

On July 18, 1587 the first child of English parents was born on Roanoke Island off the north coast of North Carolina. Exactly three years later her grandfather and governor of the Roanoke Island Colony, John White, returned to the island from England only to find the colony gone. The buildings appeared to have been dismantled.

Colonists were tough and used to weather, war and disease. Before he left, White had instructed them that if they had to leave, they should carve their destination on a wall, tree, or post. If they had left by force, they were to carve a cross next to the name.

White looked and found a carving with the word “Croatoan” carved into a post. There was no cross. There was an island named Croatoan about 50 miles away, but White was not able to reach it. Neither was anyone else, and The Lost Colony has never been seen or heard since.

Not unless you count the dramatic presentation held at the Waterside Theatre in the Fort Raleigh National Historic Site.

Map of Roanoke Island.
Map of Roanoke Island.

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