International Strange Music Day

Patrick Grant is a Detroit-born American composer living and working in New York City. His works are a synthesis of classical, popular, and world musical styles that have found place in concert halls, film, theater, dance, and visual media over three continents.

In 1997, he originated Strange Music Day to promote his first CD. But the holiday and the concept have grown to have a more than a commercial interest. His music invites you to listen to and keep an open mind toward non-standard music.

It is always good to listen and play music that we are unfamiliar with. It keeps our ears and outlook fresh.

Patrick Grant

Exploring the Metropolis

By 2002, other venues had begun celebrating Strange Music Day until in 2012 when the first Strange Music Performance Soiree was held. He invited artists to perform music they’re not usually associated with and to explore uncomfortable places.

In honor of the 23rd Strange Music Day, Tilted Axes will release Strange Changes at


International sTRANGE mUSIC Day, August 24
International sTRANGE mUSIC Day, August 24

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