Debut of Sesame Street

Sesame Street premiered on November 10, 1969. It is the the most widely viewed children’s program in the world, has aired in more than 120 countries, and an estimated 6 million people tune in to the show each week in the U.S. alone.

Conceived by documentary producer Joan Ganz Cooney, her goal was to help underprivileged children prepare for kindergarten. It is know for ethnically diverse characters and positive social messages.

Takalani Sesame introduced a 5-year-old Muppet, Kami, who was HIV positive to help children living with the stigma of that disease. In 2006, a new Muppet, Abby Cadabby, made her debut and was positioned as the show’s first female star character, in an effort to encourage diversity and provide a strong role model for girls. In May 2019, a Muppet character whose mother is battling addiction was introduced, acquainting kids with the opioid crisis. 

Despite its appeal, it nearly went broke in 2016 and was bought by HBO. But never fear. Beloved Sesame Street is still available in many locales as see on its official website.

Image by Cedric Yong from Pixabay

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