Chinese New Year

February 1, 2022 is Chinese New Year or Spring Festival. Calculating Spring Festival each year is quite involved. The easiest answer is that it is the second full moon after the Winter Solstice. However, this is somewhat complicated by the fact that it should also be the new moon closest to the beginning of spring.

Today ushers in the Year of the Tiger. We are all familiar with the 12 Chinese zodiac signs, but there is another layer to the system. There are 10 celestial stems that complement the 12 terrestrial branches.

From the Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia.

However only odd-numbered stems are paired with odd-numbered branches, and even-numbered stems with even-numbered branches. Henceforth, instead of 120 combinations, we get 60.

From the Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia.

Disclaimer: The information on this website is accurate to the best of my knowledge at the time of writing. I make no guarantee as to its accuracy. Its purpose is to inform, educate, amuse, and raise awareness about causes and opportunities around the globe. I also encourage civil debate in the comments.

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