World NGO Day

World NGO (Non-Government Organization) Day is an international calendar day observed on the 27th of February. Originally launched by the 12 member countries of the IX Baltic Sea NGO Forum in 2010, it has grown phenomenally and is now celebrated in hundreds of venues around the globe.

International non-governmental organizations have a history dating back to at least the late eighteenth century. NGOs were important in the anti-slavery movement and the movement for women’s suffrage. However, the phrase “non-governmental organization” only came into popular use when the United Nations Organization gave it an official definition on February 27, 1950.

Summarized from Wikipedia and AidForum.

Visit the official World NGO Day website.


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Disclaimer: The information on this website is accurate to the best of my knowledge at the time of writing. I make no guarantee as to its accuracy. Its purpose is to inform, educate, amuse, and raise awareness about causes and opportunities around the globe. I also encourage civil debate in the comments.

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