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Majority Rule Day in the Bahamas

January 10 is Majority Rule Day in the Bahamas. It commemorates the 1967 elections which for the first time established a black-led government in the 90% black populated country.

Saint Stephen and Republic of Srpska

It would be hard to imagine anything more splintered. Not only is its name a conglomeration, Bosnia and Herzegovina is made up of three recognized entities, the main two being The Republic of Srpska (orange) and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (yellow). The third is the Brčko District (green). Although the Brčko District is […]

No National Debt

On January 8, 1835 the United States for the first an only time in its history had zero national debt. We can thank President Andrew Jackson for this feat. After the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 (the Second Revolutionary War) the United States was $112 million in debt. However it then embarked on […]